Community Affairs Submission


Public Service Submission

Clear Channel Radio St. Louis Community Affairs Programming
100.3 The Beat
Sunday Morning LiveSundays: 7a-8aJade Harrell
Hallelujah AM 1600
The Freeman Bosley ShowSaturdays: 10a-12pFreeman Bosley
Keep Hope AliveSundays: 8p-10pRev. Jesse Jackson
Wild 104.9
STL Community MattersSundays: 10:30p-11pCindy Collins

103.3 KLOU

The Michelle Esswein ShowSundays: 10p-10:30pMichelle Esswein
STL Community MattersSundays: 11:30p-12aCindy Collins
93.7 The Bull
Community Bull HornSundays: 11p-11:30pCindy Collins

*Important: Email submission is not a guarantee that your event will be announced on-air. Consideration for Public Service Announcements are only given to non-profit 501(c) 3 organizations, private foundations, government agencies or a coalition of such groups.

iHeartMedia is the leader in serving the communities where we operate.  No other radio group in the area can match the hours of community service programming offered by our six St. Louis radio stations.  Likewise none can match the unprecedented amount of Public Service Announcements airing on
iHeartMedia radio stations that receive the same guaranteed air-play as our most valuable commercial buying client.

As the listenership ratings of our radio stations continues to increase and the community involvement of other radio groups decreases, we have been inundated with requests from community organizations and charities seeking PSAs, event partnership and online support. 
Due to the volume of requests we receive, requests to air PSAs should be submitted no later than 90 days prior to requested air dates.  If you’re PSA is selected, you will be contacted.
When submitting a PSA request, please include all details, including WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE (addresses, time, public contact numbers or websites).  These details will be included in the PSA.    

Please allow 7-10 days for a response regarding a suggestion or comment.


Please include your name, city, phone, organization, email address, date of event, event information, even location, website, contact number, preferred radio station and any other info.