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I love this movie!!!  It’s a ridiculously funny satire  about music artists who only want to create  for the sake of creating-  their  last wish is to become popular.  You know the kind. It’s like the hipster who delights in discovering  new music  only to reject the music  as soon as it becomes  a hit.

Michael Fassbender is positively astonishing  because til they every end of the movie, you don’t even know it’s the Oscar nominee- he’s hiding under a giant paper machet head, using  only  his voice and body language. You’d swear the giant head changes expressions. He’s that good.

Fassbender plays Frank, a mentally disturbed  highly creative artist  leading a group  with an unpronounceable name. He’s a perfectionist who spends a year with this group in a country house creating an album that’s never finished.  It’s a group of misfit oddballs, including a droll Maggie Gyllenhaal as the keyboardist . Who knew she could  sing??? !!!  Who knew Fassbender could sing and play guitar? Not only do the actors perform their own music- the music is great!!! 

Domhnall Gleeson , who had the lead in the time travel romancer “About Time”  with Rachel McAdams, is at the center of the story as a wanna-be whose drive is bigger than his talent. He wrecks the balance of the group when he  lands them a high profile gig at the SXSW festival in Austin.

There’s so much of this movie to love. It’s provocative and weird and ultimately touching. My kind of musical!!! What a gem.


4 stars


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