WATCH: Beyonce fans remake 'Partition' video as ode to In-N-Out Burger

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WATCH: Beyonce fans remake 'Partition' video as ode to In-N-Out Burger

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(Yahoo!) - As if Beyoncé's song "Partition," a hot-and-heavy dance track about making out in the backseat of a chauffeured car, wasn't racy enough, Los Angeles actor Adrian Anchondo has made an even wilder recording and video for the song. With the assistance of a blond-wigged male Beyoncé impersonator, Adrian transforms the song into a parody about their love for In-N-Out Burger.

The video closely models Beyoncé's original, opening during a breakfast scene in a kitchen. In Beyoncé's version, she attempts to distract Jay Z from reading the newspaper, flashing her cleavage and flirtatiously dropping her napkin onto the floor. During "In-N-Out Mission," the faux Beyoncé becomes distracted by a chocolate-sprinkled donut when the man of the house walks in and drops a bag of burgers on the table.

As the parody kicks in, the Beyoncé wannabe sings: "Drive me out on an In-N-Out mission, please/I need me a Double Double with some cheese." When they arrive at the fast food eatery, they're greeted by an In-N-Out employee, who is standing in the middle of driveway wearing a company hat, ankle boots, and an apron, mimicking one of Beyoncé's scenes.

The chorus has been changed from Beyoncé's seductive pleas to an In-N-Out cashier's suggestive rundown of the menu selection. "Just want to give you them buns you like/Them fresh-cut fries you like," they sing on the chorus. "Kinda shake you like is right here with me."

One of the characters from the spoof recreates a scene where Beyoncé's silhouette poses on a chair in front of a purple backdrop. Though the actress makes her best effort to copy Bey, she abandons the sexy posturing to instead enjoy some French fries and a shake.

In February, this sae comedic team poked fun of Beyoncé and Jay Z's "Drunk In Love"; iIn their "Dunkin Love" beach video, they professed their addiction to Dunkin Donuts, and once again, the sexual innuendos were plentiful.


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